High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are causing climate change. We have an idea which we think is able to tackle this issue.

We know that it works in theory – we need to understand how we can make it work in practice.

We are developing this project in an open source way, so that we can draw as widely as possible on the expertise required to transform this idea from concept to reality.


Find Out More

  • The Idea

    You can find out more information about what the project involves here.
  • Open Source

    We are developing this project in an open source way.
  • About Us

    Some brief information about who is behind the project.
  • Research

    We have commissioned two pieces of research to develop the process. These will focus on the energy balance of the process and understanding the consequences on the marine environment.
  • Articles

    Articles on the process have been posted online and in print media in many countries.

Get involved

We are looking for input from people who can help us answer a range of questions in areas such as:
  • Geology
  • Mining
  • Bulk Transport
  • Lime Manufacturing
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Ocean Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Energy
  • Open Source Development
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What the Experts Say

“It is certainly worth thinking through carefully”

Professor Klaus Lackner: Director of the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy, The Earth Institute of Columbia University.

"The simple ocean chemistry works"

Professor Gideon Henderson: Co-director of the James Martin 21st Century Ocean Institute at the University of Oxford

"There are risks, but we need to be trialing such ideas"

Professor Barry Brook: Director of the Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability at the University of Adelaide in South Australia