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Posted on July 22nd, 2008 by Tim Kruger in General

Day two and so much to blog about. Thank you for the quality and quantity of comments, not to mention the range.

One theme that is coming up is about developing the website. We’ve got a great team in Maverick and Juno, who are managing the social networking aspects of the site. They are keen to get on and flex their imaginations as to how to make this website work most effectively – they have been flat out developing the site – they did it from a standing start in three weeks, but are now keen to take the next step.

I really liked the idea that Daily Networker had of organising a get together to allow people to network face-to-face. I’m not sure he/she was volunteering, but if so, so much the better. If not, would anybody else like to volunteer? If you are interested please email at My thoughts would be somewhere in the centre of London mid-week next week? We could set it up with a webcast and I’d be happy to answer questions – so much quicker and more compelling than typing!

One thing I’d like to clear up is that I haven’t got it in for the Nullabor Plain. There is no intention of performing this process in only one location. Given that the lime would need to be delivered over a very wide area it would make sense to have numerous sites where this process could take place dotted around the world. The reason I mentioned the Nullarbor Plain is to demonstrate that there is sufficient limestone available for this process.

Michael posted a comment yesterday about the experience people who own aquariums have of adding small quantities of Kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide solution) into their aquariums to control pH and add calcium ions. It would be great to get the experience of aquarium owners on this – can anyone post something to an aquarium forum or let us know where we should go?

We’ve had some posts in Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese – does anyone know a good automatic translation service we could link to the posts to allow us all to share information?

Finally, an apology for the broken link on the keep me informed link. We’ll get that fixed. Sorry.

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