Legal Considerations

The process needs to operate within the bounds of the law.  There main considerations are:

Intellectual Property

Cquestrate seeks to create an ‘anti-patent’ space around this process by open sourcing the solutions – how can this be made to work most effectively, so that no-one can obtain a patent that could effectively hold the process to ransom?

Environmental Regulation (especially regarding International Law)

The Cquestrate process involves adding large amounts of chemicals to seawater.  We need to know what legislation currently prevents this from happening and what steps have been taken to relax the law to permit the addition of beneficial chemicals.

If you are able to help answer any of these questions, please get in touch with us.  This project cannot progress without your input.


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Saskya Huggins says: May 18th, 2009

If you are still in need of legal support, you could try and contact Advocates for International Development.
As Climate Change has been increasingly percieved by the development NGOs are a legitimate part of their remit, they may feel that their mandate could extend to supporting you and your aims.

They originally started life as the Oxfam 1000 City Lawyers scheme, but has spun off as its own organsiation.
“A4ID has access to over 18,000 lawyers from leading international law firms across the world. We facilitate the provision of high-quality pro bono legal advice and assistance to NGOs, IGOs, not-for-profits, developing country governments, bar associations and Law Societies, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs working to further the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.”

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